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About BizTalk solution assessment (Antivirus)

Waiting the Bouvet BizTalk innovation event 2012, 26-27 September… One periferical important aspects to check during an assessment of a BizTalk solution is the antivirus, antivirus  can influence the performances of a BizTalk solution, these are the most important aspect to check: Exclude any file types (e.g. XML, Flat Files, etc.) used to exchange data via FILE/FTP Receive […]

Biztalk tips improve IIS performance Part 1

In this period I working around the optimization fo a BizTalk solution, the following optimization can improve IIS performance: The first important thing is log only the essential information, or disable the IIS logging. Check the value of the ASPProcessorThreadMax, this property defines the maximum number of ASP requests that can execute simultaneously, the default […]

BizTalk and zero byte file

About this fact I wrote a blog post many years ago, but in Italian language, one friend ask me to translate it in English, after I read it I decide to write another post about this argument, because around it there are some important things to write, for example how make a simple new file […]

MVP Award renewed!

This morning I open my Outlook and find a Microsoft email. This email announces me that my MVP award is renewed. This is the sixth year and any year is the same emotion, I have so many wonderful memories of these years 🙂 I remember my first email, six years ago, and my first MVP […]

Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event!

For the first time in Scandinavia and in Stavanger After the Netherland and Italy, It’ s a great pleasure for me announce my speech at Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event, Tord said me that we’ll be thousand of people!. Two days dedicated to BizTalk Server and all around of Integration world. I want to thank Bouvet for […]

BizTalk 2010 CookBook Full Review

This is the review that I wrote for amazon, but after some days arrived an email from amazon, “the review must be short than 500 characters” I re wrote another short version for amazon but now I blog the full version of my review of this fantastic book. I’m reading the book of Steef-Jan Wiggers, […]

BizTalk Italy Event Report

Wednesday 23 Wednesday evening between the hours 20 and 23 p.m. arrive in order Sandro, Tord, Steef-Jan and Lex, come back to my house, and a wonderful evening with friends Thursday 24 Thursday morning the group go to take Saravana in Linate airport and we begin preparations for the event. At the event was present […]

BizTalk Innovation Event Startup

We are ready for the first Italian event dedicated to BizTalk Server and integration technologies The agenda for the event is : 13:45 – 14:00: Registration; 14:00 – 14:15: Welcome; 14:15 – 15:00: BizTalk Host thresholds and automatic throttling by Tord Glad Nordahl; 15:00 – 15:45: BizTalk360 by Saravana Kumar(MVP BizTalk Server) 15:45 – 16:00: […]