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Install Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Pack – SAP 3.0

Execute WCF LOB Adapter SDK SP1 x86.exe Execute Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Pack x86.exe You can download them from Microsoft site Now is necessary to install SAP library: librfc32u.dll libsapu16vcXX.dll This is the original specification from guideline: BUT! but you can skip all of them if you install the SAP GUI on the server, […]

Tracing with WCF SAP adapter

Open BTSNTvc.exe.config present in you drive:Program FilesMicrosoft BizTalk Server 2006 Insert this configuration and restart Host Instance   <system.diagnostics>   <sources>     <source name=”Microsoft.ServiceModel.Channels” switchValue=”Warning”>       <listeners>         <add name=”eventlog” />       </listeners>     </source>     <source name=”Microsoft.Adapters.SAP” switchValue=”Warning”>       <listeners>         <add name=”eventlog” />       </listeners>     </source>   </sources>   <sharedListeners>     <add […]


You can download the entire article as a PDF document. ErrorCode = RFC_INVALID_HANDLE SAP WCF Adaper Exception = Details: ErrorCode=RFC_INVALID_HANDLE. AdapterErrorMessage=An exception has occurred on the listener while executing RfcWaitForRequest There are three reasons for this error type. First: You have a connection timeout on WCF-Custom binding port too low Second: This error occur because […]


Sometimes can occur a validation error some this:   Microsoft.ServiceModel.Channels.Common.XmlReaderParsingException: An error occurred when trying to convert the XML string 20090212 of RFCTYPE RFCTYPE_DATE with length 8 and decimals 0 to a .NET type. Parameter/field name: DATE   Error message: The string ‘20090212’ is not a valid AllXsd value bla… bla.. During import schemas, by default, […]

WCF SAP Adapter Error: Incorrect Action

An error occurred during calling an RFC / TRfc / BAPI to SAP Incorrect Action http://Microsoft.LobServices.Sap/2007/03/blablabla . Correct the specified Action, or refer to the documentation on the allowed formats for the Actions. This problem occur for only two reason: The WCF SAP Adapter using WCF Custom adapter, the important thing is the SOAP Action […]

CALL SAP Trfc , RFC Transactional

To call a SAP Trfc, after you receive a response from SAP, You must set Create a message same this <RfcConfirmTransID xmlns=’http://Microsoft.LobServices.Sap/2007/03/RfcApi/’><TransactionalRfcOperationIdentifier /> </RfcConfirmTransID> Set the TransactionalRfcOperationIdentifier field with the field TransactionalRfcOperationIdentifier of your SAP response message. Send this message after any Trfc call to SAP.

SAP integration and Web Services

Come promesso ho inserito in BizTalkia l’ultimo chalk talk inerente l’integrazione di un sistema SAP. Nel frattempo abbiamo anche esposto una chiamata RFC su web services, incidents compresi Lo trovate quì