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Agile integration with Microsoft Azure and BizTalk Server

Agile is a word I really like to use now in the integration space, in my last event, the Integrate 2017, I started to present this my concept.As we see the business’s dynamics are changing very fast, companies require fast integration every time more, sending and integrating data very easily and fast is now a […]

My next event and sessions at TUGAIT (Lisbon)

  TUGAIT is one of the most important community events in Europe, many speakers across all countries join the conference and most of them are Microsoft MVPs.The community events are the higher expression of the passion for technologies because organized just for a pure scope of sharing knowledge and experience.This year I will present 2 […]

Logic Apps review (Usability and Extensibility) part 2

My previous post here. You can download the entire article as a PDF document. Logic Apps Review (Usability and Extensibility) I keep going with my assessment with Logic Apps, I need to say that more I dig and more I like it and there are many reasons for that.I love technology, I love it […]

BizTalk Server advanced WCF custom binding techniques and challenges

Working in secure channel with SOAP and WCF sometime could be a very complex activity.BizTalk Server provides many adapters able to cover any requirement and in case of very complex challenge we can use the WCF-Custom adapter to implement more complex and specific binding settings with very high granularity. You can download the entire article […]

Logic Apps review (UI and Mediation) Part 1

After a while I’m back into Logic Apps, a customer asked me to have a look about the possibilities to use Logic Apps in a very interesting scenario.The customer is currently using BizTalk Server in conjunction with Azure Service Bus and a quite important Java integration layer.This is not a usual POC (Proof of Concept), […]

New blog style and look, thank you BizTalk360 Team

You can download the entire article as a PDF document. New Blog Style And Look, Thank You BizTalk360 Team Thanks to BizTalk360 team and my dear friend Saravana my blog has now a new fantastic look and a lot of new improvements, first of all it is tremendously faster . Well, I liked my previous […]

Is BizTalk server a T-Rex?

Why do people start comparing BizTalk Server to a T-Rex? You can download the entire article as a PDF document. Is BizTalk server a T-Rex? Long time ago the Microsoft marketing team created this mousepad in occasion of the BizTalk 12th birthday.   And my dear friend Sandro produced the fantastic sticker below   Time […]

CS0006 Error – Metadata file could not be found

You can download the entire article as a PDF document. CS0006 Error – Metadata File Could Not Be Found   In the last 2 days, I struggled against this error and it was a real nightmare and, because the solution is really wired and complicate to find I decided to keep note about that in […]

Holistic in the integration space – Events recap

In the last month, I’ve been speaker in two events, the WPC 2016 in Milan and the in Belgium, in both the events I presented the results of my studies around the holistic approach and my point of view about integration. WPC 2016 Milan, 77 speakers for +400 attendees, makes this event the first […]