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Optimize the BizTalk productivity using ListDictionary

In this period, I’m supporting different development teams to implement a big integration solution using different technologies such as BizTalk Server, Web API, Azure, Java and other and involving many other actors and countries.In a situation like that is quite normal to find many different problems in many different areas like integration, security, messaging, performances, […]

10 Years as Microsoft MVP !

You can download the entire article as a PDF document. 10 Years as Microsoft MVP! Today Microsoft renews my MVP award for the 10th time. I would like to tank Microsoft for these 10 years, thank to my family and my wife for the patience and the support, thank to all my MVPs friends for the great moments […]

GrabCaster Framework – Top 20 Questions and Answers

During the Integrate 2016 Sandro shown a demo using one of the GrabCaster features, the BizTalk GrabCaster Adapter and I anticipated a bit about the GrabCaster Framework, many people made me many questions like how GrabCaster works, what GrabCaster is, the story of it and so on, so I decided to group the top 20 […]

Enterprise Integration Workshop in TUGA IT

In the last two years I spent a lot of spare time developing code in GrabCaster and because that, I have opened a lot my vision of “integration” and I learned a lot of new thinks about integration, one of the most important thing is how to integrate technologies using different approaches and methodologies. I […]